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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Lulzmix: Music to Troll By - Anonymous

Since most of you are probably music lovers i've prepared a little treat for you: a compilation made by anon, which provides the perfect soundtrack for trolling, lulzing and generally misbehaving. Studies have shown that listening to this mix increases your trolling skill by well over 9000 as well as tickling your ears to the point where you just can't resist trolling some innocent people. Enjoy!

note: these may seem date but they do the trick ;)

2nd note: if you have any suggestions of songs to add to the mix leave a comment

3rd note: The Lulzmix is readily available at your local pirate bay.

CD 1 
The Fresh Prince of Bel Air -Will smith
Disco Band - Scotch
Now How Old Are You? - Miko Mission
Drop The Bass - Rocco
Mazinger Go! - Jimmy Bravo
I Wish (Skazi Remix) - Infected Mushroom
Never Gonna Give You Up {Eurobeat Remix} - Rick Astley
Epic Clip of Ghost Love Score - Nightwish
Sega Saturn Shiro - Ichirou Tomata
Speedy Speed Boy - Marko Polo
Gong - JAM Project
Blackout - Overload
Express Love - Mega NRG Man
Fury of the Storm - Dragonforce
Don't Leave me - DJ Infinity Vs. Phanta C. 
We Call it Revolution - DJ Klubbingman
Yatta!- Happatai

CD 2 
Steel Dragon - S.H.H.
Outrun Europe Megamix -Jeroen Tel
E1M1 - Matthias Sachal
Super Slam - Quad City DJs
You Are Shock! - Tori Modosei
party 4u - Cranky
Headless -S.H.H.
Let's Fighting Love - South Park
The song from LONGCAT BE LOOOOONG - Anon
Habbeetik- Azar Habib
G-Storm - bLINd
Longcat's Song - Coda
Let's Talk About A Man - Prezioso
Heut Ist Mein Tag - Bluemchen
World, Hold On (Children of the Sky) - some faggot i hate
Big O - Toshihiko Sahashi
Silicon World -Eiffel 65
Eins, Zwei, Polizei -S.W.A.T.

CD 3 
The Final Countdown - Europe
Made Of Fire
Night Of Fire - Niko
Batman is Bruce Wayne - Garcon
Number One - Fastway
What Is Love - Haddaway
Party Like It's 1904 - Rex Navarrete
The Final Countdown (Club Mix) - Europe
Rasputin - Boney M
Max 300 - Omega
Cosby And A Vocoder - TheWhiteRider
Go Go Yellow Screen - Digital Emotion
Levas Polka -Loituma
I'm The Scatman - Scatman John (no not that kind)
Grinder - Frank Kelpacki
Come And Get Them - Tyler Bates
Soviet Russian National Anthem - Provokiev
Super Mario RPG - I have no idea who
Bill Nye the Science Guy - Bill Nye


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  3. lmao that sounds like an awesome CD

  4. ahaha, nice one, lemme check pirate bay then.

  5. Guaranteed to make you either rage or lol and definitely guaranteed to make your penis bigger. Download now!

  6. cool list!

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  8. Ooh i nerdsquee'd when I saw S.S.H. on this list.

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  11. I really love your posts man :) Always a good laugh, I liked the part with satan trolling Eve better tho :) But the soundtrack for Fresh Prince of bel air... Well you can never go wrong with that.

  12. Your face when u realized my blog is a mirror for yours :)

  13. Lol tho it has some really great songs in it.

  14. awwww here it goes

    check it

  15. Nice blog.

  16. nice.. you're layout is pretty well thought out

  17. what no never going to give you up?

  18. your hilarious, how do you come up with this stuff... keep up the good work.

  19. it's missing the ney rick astley song

  20. Bro this makes so much sense. I agree with above comment thou, needs rick astley song!


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