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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Absence and troll physics. Title related

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As many of you have probably noticed i've been missing for quite a while now. But fear not, i'm back and feeling better than ever and you can blame uni for all this.
Now you may wonder, why did you go to uni anyway? nothing to learn there. Well my fellow trolls you are utterly wrong. I'm going to show you something useful that i learn in my physics classes. Take note

1. Magnets are god damned overpowered: Just about anything can be explained with magnetism ( see Lost ) and there is absolutely nothing you can not achieve using magnets. The following pictures are a perfect example of this.
Perpetuum mobile using magnets

As you can clearly see, magnets are the solution for most of the world's current problems including the energy crisis and safety.

Physics at it's best
2. Energy problems are somehow not obsolete. In the following picture we see a very basic device that can easily solve all your energy problems. To the people who potentially could not see the advantages of this design and point out ridiculous flaws, i strongly urge you to take a basic course in mechanics and get your head out of your sphincters.

Quantum physics made easy
 3. People don't understand quantum physics. Truth is there's nothing simpler and understanding it is probably the key to advancing our already retarded society. If we take a look at the following slides we can observe some of the really neat things you can do once you start getting how light works. I mean, who wouldn't wanna be faster than light!?

Remember people, keep an open mind and your horizons will broaden like a stream of light through a prism into a majestic rainbow of creativity and faggotry.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Old Spice Guy laying down the law

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OSG putting on his monocle as he prepares for some seriosu trolling
As most of you know and should know Old Spice Guy, referred to from hereafter as OSG, is truly and awesome badass. OSG is the man you could smell like if you used Old Spice (or took showers). He is the pinnacle of manliness and an example of what every horny teenager should strive for in their lives. He has a YT Channel, in which he replies to various YouTubers, twitards and other assorted denizens of the Internets giving advice on how they can be better people and filling requests for things like proposing marriage on behalf of some loser with a girlfriend. He was also featured on some fag's blog where he was praised and worshiped like the man he truly is. See here

NPH doing it wrong

 On 14th July 2010, Old Spice Guy retired from making vidyas is a tearful farewell YouTube to finally GTFO that fucking bathroom he'd been in for two weeks solid to attend to moar pressing matters. He immediately headed down the the Gulf of Mexico, donned a scuba tank and swan dived! into the Deepwater Horizon oil leak after BP's months of hard FAIL.

The video which probably got everybody's attention however, is his reply to Anonymous where he previously stated he gladly accept the title as the 147th King and that he's flattered by all the attention

But as awesome as he might be he's not immortal or untouchable. Rumors say he developed cancer (mesothelioma to be precise), which if you believe the badmouths is the true reason behind his untimely departure. Our thoughts are with you oh glorious king of men.

Monday, 11 October 2010


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In troll mythology 400 is a very lucky number as it signifies prosperity and well being. The story behind this number can be traced as far back as the ancient days when you just lost the game.
Just messing with you, reached 400 suckers trolled and i wanted to brag, yeah i'm that awesome. Stay frosty

Saturday, 9 October 2010


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And i decided to go with the 15 hole deluxe Japanese fingerbox briefcase. Thanks for all the wonderful input!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Fingerboxes and you

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1 hole fingerbox
Recently there's been a lot of talk around these so called fingerboxes. For those of you who aren't familiar, take a quick look at the pic to the right.
So with all the hype about it i decided to get me one, but you see... here's the dilema. I don't know if i should go for a 15 individual fingerbox briefcase or to get the 6+1 unitary.
The first one is made out of real Japanese maple wood and is quite expensive, while the second one is made from plywood, but has a lined interior.

How about you guyse help me choose by voting in the poll ^_^ ? Here's the two models lined up for you. Any feedback from other fingerbox enthusiasts is greatly appreciated

6+1 holer
15 hole deluxe briefcase

Saturday, 2 October 2010


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I think it's about time i revealed the winner of the contest i've been hosting for the past week or so. And the winner is...


the winner when he finds out



for his inspirational answer

roses are red
violets are blue
for better preformance
delete system32

Good job man. The link to your blog is right above the blogroll to your left.
This concludes this trolling exam. Congrats for those of you that passed and better luck next year those who haven't. Keep trolling!

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